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Event Planners Toolbox Actionable Mobile Marketing with ShareSquareQR codes are everywhere. Any way you look you’ll see a QR code, be it a product, advertisement, side of a bus, a t-shirt, and anything else you can print or slap a sticker on. It's the new “phone” number to call to find out more information and connect with a business or a person, but you don't need a call center to answer the questions or provide information. Just scan and be on your merry way. Instead of simply offering information when your QR code is scanned, why not offer a Call-to-Action instead? Capture your audience instantly without any hard work with ShareSquare. It offers an easy way to create HTML5-based web app that offers an immediate call-to-action and engagement.

ShareSquare offers a friendly user-interface to create apps (aka squares). It offers many tools, currently focused on the entertainment and music industries, to help drive action and capture information. The current version offers seven tabs:

  • Video — embeds YouTube video
  • Download — offer downloads and mailing list subscription
  • Bio — talk about yourself
  • Fans — let people “like” your Facebook page
  • Share — post pre-written updates to Twitter and Facebook
  • Instant Win — offer prizes while building your mailing list
  • Comments — let them leave comments

This bundle of available tabs is enough to drive your mobile marketing efforts. The cool thing about ShareSquare is analytics. You’ll know where they are located, where they are coming from and basic statistics of the app usage.

The app, once created, comes with a short URL ( and a QR code. You can create up to five different tracking URLs, each paired with a unique QR code for that URL to make sure you know what’s working and what doesn’t work. You can add QR code anywhere.

“Our large scale debut was at SXSW in Austin last March, where nearly 100 artists & advertisers enhanced physical collateral like posters, flyers, stickers, T-shirts and much more (like entire tour buses!) to engage their fans with mobile video, downloads, instant win contests, Facebook/Twitter, and more via the QR codes,” Matthias Galica, CEO of ShareSquare, said.

ShareSquare is a perfect mobile marketing tool for event planners. Although it's still new and focused on the entertainment and music industries, there are many possibilities. Imagination is the only limit.

  • Create a “square” for the entire event to use in promotional and marketing content.
  • Each speaker can have his/her own “square” for better marketing engagement. The audience would scan the code, “like” the speaker on Facebook, and sign-up for the mailing list.
  • Encourage your vendors and exhibitors to use ShareSquare to engage your attendees.
  • Use ShareSquare to get people to sign up for the early bird discounts for your next event.

ShareSquare QR ExampleShareSquare will evolve and offer a lot more functionality for other industries as well, while QR code marketing will become more prevalent. “It will blow up into the mainstream, as I believe the ‘social tipping point’ for QR codes (where the average Joe will know what they are and what to do) will occur this summer,” Galica says about the future of ShareSquare.

It would be a foolish decision not to engage your clients and customers through mobile marketing. It offers an enormous punch for the price, which is free in a lot of cases.

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