The Psychology of Color [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's one of the most overlooked aspects of event design and planning, the color. The weddings are usually the only events that color plays a big role from the beginning – weddings = white (generally).

Yet events that draw hundreds and thousands of people rarely pay close attention to what colors are used in marketing collateral and throughout the venue.

The colors invoke emotional responses, they affect behavior, they affect decision making, and ultimately it comes down to increased attendance and satisfaction.

If you're one of those event planners, take a minute to review this excellent infographic about the psychology of color. Know what emotions and behaviors your event (and business) colors invoke, so you can use it to your advantage.

Hover over the infographic to see Enlarge button.

[xyz-ihs snippet=”psych-of-color”]

This infographic is part of our (new) weekly visual diary to provide engaging topical information to event planners and other event professionals. We bring some of the best infographics from the web to help you expand your boundaries of knowledge, and ultimately help plan successful events and run a successful business.


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