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We always encourage our readers to submit questions. Here's a question related to Eventbrite from one of our readers:

Hi, thanks – I am creating a new account and creating our first event. The account will be owned by a non-profit corporation. My first question is: do corporations complete the same template for account creation as an individual person would complete?

Eventbrite offers only one sign up process. If the account owner and the organizer is a business (non-profit or for-profit), you would sign up the same way. Once signed up, you need to add all relevant billing, tax, and account information for the business.The organizer profile information should be updated for the organization, not the person. That's the main way attendees will see who is responsible for the event.

The primary contact (a person) will be responsible for managing the account and events. So it's important to make sure access to the account is available to someone else in the organization. If the person leaves, you don't want to lose access to your Eventbrite account and start with a new account. It's also important to have access to the account to remove the person from the account if the person is fired, to prevent a disgruntled former employee from making changes or deleting events.

Here's What I Recommend

The first option, add another user with full access to the account. Eventbrite allows only one administrator to be specified for the account, that's the main account holder. But, it offers a multi-user access to the account.

Eventbrite Sub-user Account Invitation

Add another user, and give them full access. This will allow them to help manage the account and all the events. Please note, this sub-user account cannot change the main account holder's information. It only provides management-level access.

In the event, that the main account holder disappears (for whatever reason), and you can't access the main account you should contact Eventbrite support to get help accessing the main account. It'll be easier to work through this problem if you have sub-user access.

The second option, if possible, use an organizational email that several people might have access to for the main account. For example, or If multiple people have access to the email, then multiple people will be able to recover access to that account if something happens.

It's best if you take advantage of both options for complete peace of mind. If you run into any issues, reach out to Eventbrite support. They are there to help you.

If you need to change the main account holder (administrator), you'll need to login to the main account and update all pertinent information (email, name, etc.). Please keep in mind, if the new email address is registered as a sub-user account then you will need to delete the sub-user account first. Eventbrite has detailed instructions on how to do this.


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