The True Cost of a Wedding Knot [INFOGRAPHIC]

It takes months of careful planning, near-pain (at least for men) selection process, military style rehearsals, and thousands of dollars bled into the $48 billion industry every year. It's a lucrative business, you can count on people getting married just like you can count on people dying. That's one thing weddings and funerals have in common, the availability of customers.

Everyone knows that weddings are not cheap, but not many people do not know the real numbers. They just know the idea of a price tag, but not many people actually know what makes up that price tag – how it is distributed among goods and services necessary to put on an awesome show. That's when this infographic comes in handy, looking at various wedding expenses to give wedding planners and those planning on getting married an idea of what they should expect to spend on an average American wedding.

If it seems a bit too pricey, do not be afraid. The competitive economy is your best tool to find great deals on everything you need to plan a wedding on a budget. But sometimes the best thing you can do is hire a professional wedding planner, it takes the stress off your shoulders to actually enjoy the wedding.

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The True Cost of a Wedding Knot
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